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CIDB Green Card

What is CIDB Green Card? CIDB green card or ‘kad hijau’ CIDB is a registered declaration issued by the Malaysian Construction Industry Development Berhad (CIDB) for construction personnel that involved in construction works and have undergone the Safety Induction Construction Worker (SICW) at training centres like Akademi Binaan Malaysia (ABM) or with other training centres that accredited by CIDB.

CIDB Malaysia has introduced a new green card that has been upgraded along with technological advances. The CIDB EmV Green Card programme was designed to enhance security features and the smart card has a chip like a bank card which is characterized by trade transactions and has been inforce from 15 October 2019. This green card is not only mandatory for workers but it also mandatory for managers and construction supervisors to manage the work competently and safely. Workers are not allowed to enter construction site without Green Card. In addition, any construction personnel who perform supervisory duties on construction sites or skilled works are required to be credited and certified as stated and listed in the Amendment to Act 520- Section 32/33


The function of CIDB Act Amendment 2011 is to regulate the implementation for quality and safe construction works and to attend to any report related to any failure of construction works or completed construction works which affects public safety. It is obligatory for construction companies to have valid CIDB green card. According to CIDB Amendment to Act 520- Section 32/33, contractor or personnel without valid CIDB card may be fined up to RM5,000.

Please take noted to all CIDB Green Card holders as you need to know if unwanted accident occur while you are carrying out construction works cause in disability or death, you are eligible for coverage under CIDB Group Construction Personnel Takaful Plan. You will receive benefits from up to RM21,000. Some people don’t know about this. However, there are several requirements for the claims such as:

  1. Claims must be made at least in 60 days from the date of incident.
  2. The rightful owner completely used form UPPT-1.
  3. Green card is valid during the incident and the owner must be less than 70 years old

However, if the construction personnel involved in the accident that lead to death, their beneficiary is entitled to get the benefit of RM21,000 and RM500. So it’s important to keep your green card always active so that when an unwanted things occurs you can claim your rights.


In conclusion, any individual that involved with the construction works should ensure that your green card is still active. If you dont have CIDB green card or it has expired, iBINA can assist you to register or renew cidb green card. Simply fill in the application form, your application will be processed by iBINA.

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