Cidb foreigner or registration and renewal for foreign workers. The documents that need to be include is a passport, active work permits, and companies registered under CIDB. The fee charged for registration and renewal is the same also the validity period of the green card will depend on the validity period of the work permit.

The first step is to click on the CIDB Construction Personnel Card Renewal section and click on the Foreign Workers section. For new registrations, users can click on the renewal section because the fees charged are the same for foreign workers. Then the applicant can enter their personal information. Information like their passport number and attach a copy of their passport and active work permit to allow the green card application process to be process. Applications can only process when the attached documents are complete. Also the expiration dates of the permit and passport are active.

For the green card delivery address for foreign workers. This card will be send off to your work permit address that registered on the permit. The process will take 2-3 working days, and after approval. IBINA will email the temporary pass to the applicant via email. The temporary pass can be used while waiting for the green card to arrive at the delivery address because it functions the same as the green card. The temporary pass can be used within 2 months from the date of obtaining it.


If you don’t have a green card yet, you can register for one on the iBINA website. You can also renew your green card on the website. To allow you to work on the construction site and also be eligible to receive coverage under the CIDB Group Construction Personal Takaful Plan. Registration and renewal are not only possible for local workers. But foreign workers can also obtain a CIDB green card by providing the necessary documents.

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