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Register CIDB online for the green card must be register for any individual who is working in the construction industry as well as performing construction works that qualify to be consider as construction personnel. The Green Card proves that the holder has received proper training and understands the importance of safety and health in the construction industry. Therefore, it required for individuals working in the construction industry in Malaysia to have a valid CIDB Green Card. Most frequently asked question is:

Who is can register CIDB online?

Any individuals that involved in construction industry.

What is the maximum age for construction personnel to register CIDB Online?

Construction personnel will be protected for up to 70 years under the CIDB Grouped Construction Staff Protection Plan.

At what age can register CIDB online?

The age limit for registration for construction personnel in Peninsular Malaysia is 18 years and above.

The age limit for registration for construction personnel in Sabah, and Sarawak is 16 years and above.

What other conditions do I have to comply with besides those above?

Have an identity card (passport and work permit).

Carrying out construction work.

Compliance with the laws and regulations of CIDB

How to Activate the CIDB Green Card?

Once you have completed the construction personnel registration and received the Card from CIDB, you are required to activate the Card via Bayo portal (hyperlink) or wallet (available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store). You can start using the Card when a card the process is complete and active.


If you have an interest to register CIDB online (green card) with us, you can visit our website and click on registration or renewal. So, you can reach us by phone at 011-16107119 or by email at bantuan@ibina.com.my. We at iBINA are ready to fully assist you in the application process until you receive your green card.

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Job category cidb ? How do I update the work in the system? What kinds of job categories are there? Can I upgrade my job from a construction trainer to a general construction worker?

Among job category cidb, them are construction trainers, either from the educational center or the construction industry. The second is the general construction worker, which is a job category for staff who do not have any certificates of skills or academics. Then, for administrative staff, it is also for individuals who have an academic certificate.

In addition, skilled construction workers and semi-skilled construction workers will also be valued based on the certificate of skill. For information on skilled construction jobs, skilled trades are those that are not listed in Jadual Ketiga, AKTA 520, whereas skilled building workers are the skill trends listed in Jadual Ketiga, AKTA 520. Here is the list of Third Tables, which includes manufacturers and speakers, specialists in aeration and mechanical ventilation, wall installers, ceiling installers, petrochemical accelerators, and more. The number of skills listed are 25. For further information, click on the following link to check the JADUAL KETIGA, AKTA 520.

Next, a site supervisor needs to have a Building Skills Competence Certificate

(SKKP) as a construction site supervisor in order to get a job as a construction site supervisor. Finally, the project manager. Individuals who update this to construction project managers must have a Certificate of Construction Skills (SKKP) Construction Project Manager to enable the desired tread.

Note: Job categories clarification based on the highest academic qualifications and skills.





How to check cidb green card status?


CIDB green card is a declaration issued by the Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). For construction personnel who are involved in construction works. All the workers have undergone the Safety and Health Induction Course (SICW). Held at the training center so APPLY NOW for a Green Card on the iBINA website.


The question that often bothers construction personnel is whether the status of their green card qualifies them to enter the construction site or not.


Here is a way to check the green card status to make it easier for construction personnel to check their card status;

  • Visit the CIMS CIDB website, and on the homepage will be a section to find the latest information about the construction personnel directory. Click on “Search Construction Personnel Directory” to start a Green Card status check.
  • Fill in your details to get the card status and Click “Submit” button, and all information status will be display.


By checking directly on the CIDB CIMS website, construction personnel do not need to worry if they miss the Green Card expiry date, as they can check their status easily and quickly.


In conclusion, so any individual involved with construction work needs to ensure that their CIDB Green Card (green card) is still active. If your CIDB green card has expired, iBINA can help you renew your card. Just by filling out the application form, so your application will be process.



CIDB Green Card?

CIDB green card has already expired? Still don’t have a green card. Do you simply want to renew online? How can a job category be updated? I am an SPM/diploma/degree holder, how can I enter my certificate into the system? How do I make a renewal for foreign workers? The following are common questions that we usually receive. So, how do you intend to address the issues? You don’t need to worry, iBINA is prepared to assist you in finding quick and simple solutions.

Why should you choose us?

We supply both local and foreign workers with CIDB green card registration and renewal services. You can register or renew your card using our service instead of going to the CIDB counter. Additionally, your card will be delivered to the delivery address that you provided on our application form at ibina.com.my. For a CIDB green card, you no longer need to stand in a queue at the counter. You can only complete these tasks online, which indirectly saves you time, money, and energy. In relation to the services, we provided to you, the pricing we offered was also extremely fair.

Benefits our service

We have more than 5 years of experience in the green card field. There are many construction personnel who have dealt with us from all over Malaysia and the feedback from them is very encouraging. They are very satisfied with the services that we offer. We understand that a lot of people are still unaware of the benefits and uses of possessing a green card. That’s why you need our services to learn more about the green card.

Need help?

In order to obtain a green card, we are prepared to help you with the registration and renewal procedures. If you are interested in applying for a green card with us, you can visit our website and click on registration or renewal. You can reach us by phone at 011-16107119 or by email at bantuan.ibina@gmail.com. We at iBINA are ready to fully assist you in the application process until you receive your green card.

Apa Itu SCORE Kontraktor ?

Apa Itu SCORE Kontraktor ?

Program Penilaian Keupayaan dan Kemampuan Kontraktor (SCORE) yang  di perkenalkan oleh Lembaga merupakan satu program khusus. Sebuah sistem atau kaedah yang digunakan oleh banyak syarikat atau organisasi untuk menilai prestasi kontraktor atau pembekal mereka. Tujuan SCORE adalah untuk mengukur sejauh mana pembina atau pembekal memenuhi kriteria prestasi tertentu. Seperti kualiti kerja, pematuhan kepada jadual, pematuhan belanjawan, keselamatan, kemampanan dan aspek lain yang berkaitan dengan projek atau perkhidmatan yang disediakan.

Program yang dibangunkan oleh CIDB dengan kerjasama SME Corp bagi mengukur keupayaan dan kemampuan kontraktor tempatan dan asing di Malaysia. Atas tujaun bagi mempertingkatkan imej industri pembinaan selaras dengan Program Transfomasi Industri Pembinaan (CITP) 2016-2020. Bersesuaian dengan teras ‘Meningkatkan Kualiti, Keselamatan dan Professionalisme Industri Pembinaan’.

Permohonan SCORE ini terbuka kepada gred G2-G7 yang telah berdaftar dengan CIDB dan masih di dalam tempoh sahlaku pendaftarannya dan tidak dikenakan apa-apa tindakan oleh pihak CIDB.


  • Untuk memberi pengiktirafan kepada yang mempunyai keupayaan dan kemampuan untuk berkembang
  • Untuk mengenalpasti jurang dalam prestasi dan membantu dalam meningkatkan keupayaan dan kemampuan sesebuah syarikat.
  • Untuk membangunkan profil industri bagi mengenal tahap keupayaan kontraktor tempatan
  • Untuk membantu pihak klien dalam pemilihan syarikat yang berkaliber dan berwibawa
score kontraktor


Melalui program SCORE ini, syarikat akan dinilai keupayaan berdasarkan 7 parameter seperti berikut :

  • Prestasi Perniagaan
  • Keupayaan Kewangan
  • Keupayaan Teknikal
  • Pengurusan Projek
  • Pengurusan Perolehan
  • Amalan Terbaik
  • Keupayaan Pengurusan


Sistem SCORE ini boleh membentuk penilaian berasaskan skala, laporan prestasi berkala, atau juga mesyuarat penilaian secara bersemuka antara syarikat dan kontraktor. Matlamatnya adalah untuk memastikan semua pihak yang terlibat dalam projek atau perkhidmatan bekerja dengan berkesan untuk mencapai hasil yang diinginkan dengan lebih produktif.

Jadi, setiap kontraktor perlulah meningkatkan keupayaan syarikat dari segi kewangan dan pengurusan bagi mendapatkan bintang yang tinggi.

Anda belum mempunyai sijil SCORE untuk syarikat anda ? Hubungi kami segera untuk memohon dengan mudah dengan hanya secara atas talian sahaja.

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