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CIDB License


Effective on 20 July 1995, all local or foreign contractors company must register with Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) under Section 25 of Act 520 (Amendment 2011) before undertaking and completing any construction work in Malaysia unless they granted an exemption under Section 40 (1) of the Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia Act 1994 (Act 520). This license is renewable and available for a period of a minimum of one year to three years. Applicant companies will need to pay a certain fee when applying for the construction license according to the grades of CIDB variation. A contractor is not allowed to execute any construction works outside his registered category. If you wish to start a construction projects and bussiness, you need to apply for CIDB lisence.

How to apply CIDB license

Step 1 : Link to iBINA to apply CIDB License

Go to iBINA website and then click at “Pendaftaran Lesen Kontraktor CIDB” and “Mohon Sekarang

Step 1 how to apply CIDB license

Step 2 : Fill in the form

Next, you need to fill in all the details of company name, applicant name, phone number, email, type of application, gred and registration period. Please be make sure that all the details are correct.

CIDB License form

Step 3 : Submit application to apply CIDB license

After fill in all the details, click at the “I agree with the terms & conditions” before proceed to “Hantar Pemohonan”. iBINA team will contact you in 24 hours. You just need to prepare some documents that requested by our team and your application will be process.


Easy right? Just with 3 steps you now can apply for CIDB license. iBINA team will guide you and you will received your CIDB license through your registered email in 5-7 days of working days depend on CIDB. Get the special price now by submitting your details through application form or just whatsapp us at



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